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Audio System Toolbox Functions - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
asiosettingsOpen settings panel for ASIO driver
audioDatastoreDatastore for collection of audio files
audioDeviceReaderRecord from sound card
audioDeviceWriterPlay to sound card
audioOscillatorGenerate sine, square, and sawtooth waveforms
audioPlayerRecorderSimultaneously play and record using an audio device
audioPluginBase class for audio plugins
audioPluginInterfaceSpecify audio plugin interface
audioPluginParameterSpecify audio plugin parameters
audioPluginSourceBase class for audio source plugins
cepstralFeatureExtractorExtract cepstral features from audio segment
compressorDynamic range compressor
configureMIDIConfigure MIDI connections between audio object and MIDI controller
crossoverFilterAudio crossover filter
designParamEQDesign parametric equalizer
designShelvingEQDesign shelving equalizer
designVarSlopeFilterDesign variable slope lowpass or highpass IIR filter
disconnectMIDIDisconnect MIDI controls from audio object
dsp.ArrayPlotDisplay vectors or arrays
dsp.AudioFileReaderStream from audio file
dsp.AudioFileWriterStream to audio file
dsp.SpectrumAnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum of time-domain signals
dsp.TimeScopeTime domain signal display and measurement
expanderDynamic range expander
externalAudioPluginBase class for external audio plugins
externalAudioPluginSourceBase class for external audio source plugins
fdesign.parameqParametric equalizer filter specification
generateAudioPlugin Generate audio plugin from MATLAB class
getAudioDevicesList available audio devices
getMIDIConnectionsGet MIDI connections of audio object
graphicEQStandards-based graphic equalizer
impzestEstimate impulse response of audio system
integratedLoudnessMeasure integrated loudness and loudness range
interpolateHRTF3-D head-related transfer function (HRTF) interpolation
limiterDynamic range limiter
loadAudioPlugin Load VST, VST3, and AU plugins into MATLAB environment
loudnessMeterStandard-compliant loudness measurements
mfccExtract mfcc, log energy, delta, and delta-delta of audio signal
midicallbackCall function handle when MIDI controls change value
midicontrolsOpen group of MIDI controls for reading
midideviceSend and receive MIDI messages
mididevinfoMIDI device information
midiidInteractively identify MIDI control
midimsgCreate MIDI message
midireadReturn most recent value of MIDI controls
midireceiveReceive MIDI message from MIDI device
midisendSend MIDI message to MIDI device
midisyncSend values to MIDI controls for synchronization
mlsMaximum length sequence
multibandParametricEQMultiband parametric equalizer
noiseGateDynamic range gate
octaveFilterOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter
pitchEstimate fundamental frequency of audio signal
reverberatorAdd reverberation to audio signal
splMeterMeasure sound pressure level of audio signal
sweeptoneExponential swept sine
validateAudioPlugin Test MATLAB source code for audio plugin
voiceActivityDetectorDetect presence of speech in audio signal
wavetableSynthesizerGenerate periodic signal from single-cycle waveforms
weightingFilterFrequency-weighted filter