MATLAB Examples

Using When Decomposition to Write Tests

Assess a model using a When decomposition sequence.

This example shows how to use When decomposition in a Test Sequence block to author assessments in a test harness. The example model implements a simple signal tracker that operates in three modes: off (0), slow (1) and quick (2). Simulate the model and observe the output and error of the signal tracker.

mdl = 'sltestTestSequenceWhenExample';
open_system([mdl '/Scope']);

Open the test harness attached to the SimpleTracker subsystem, and open the Test Sequence block named Test Assessment that assesses the behavior of SimpleTracker.

The Test Sequence block uses When decomposition to determine the appropriate assertions to run depending on the SimpleTracker mode. The CheckError step is a When decomposition step, and it has three substeps, OffMode, SlowMode, and QuickMode that are active when mode is 0, 1 or otherwise, respectively.

open_system(mdl);[mdl '/SimpleTracker'],'SimpleTrackerHarness');
open_system('SimpleTrackerHarness/Test Assessment');

Simulate the test harness to run the assessments.


Close the test harness and main model.

close_system(mdl, 0);
clear mdl;