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Reuse Test Assessments Using a Library

This example shows how to reuse test assessments contained in a test sequence block using a linked block from a library.


When you create a test harness, you can include a standalone Test Sequence block for test assessments (a Test Assessment block). Often, assessments cover multiple test cases, making it convenient to reuse the same Test Assessment block. Test assessment reuse has these advantages:

  • Assessments are stored in a single source. If the requirements change, you update only the assessments in the library.
  • You can link to test requirements from the source. Linking from the source reduces the number of requirements links to manage.

To reuse a standalone Test Assessment block in multiple test harnesses, create the Test Assessment block in a library, and reuse the Test Assessment block in multiple test harnesses by way of linked blocks.

Consider using a library for high-level test assessments that correspond to multiple test cases.

You can also create reusable assessments in a library using blocks from the Model Verification library in Simulink.

Explore the Test Sequence Example Model

1. Open the model. At the command line, enter:


2. Click the badge on the shift_controller subsystem and open the controller_harness test harness.

The Test Assessment block contains four assertions that define the assessment criteria:

assert(speed >= 0)
assert(throttle >= 0)
assert(throttle <= 100)
assert(gear > 0)

Create a Library for the Test Assessments

  1. In the test harness, select File > New > Library.
  2. Save the new library as AssessmentLibrary in a writable location on the MATLAB® path.
  3. Copy the Test Assessment block from the test harness to the library, and then delete the Test Assessment block from the test harness.
  4. Save the library.

Create a Linked Test Assessment Block in Test Harnesses

Copy the Test Assessment block from the library to the test harness to create a linked block.

  1. In the test harness, enable the library link display. Select Display > Library Links > All.
  2. Copy the Test Assessment block from AssessmentLibrary into controller_harness. The block displays a library link badge.
  3. Connect the signal inputs to the Test Assessment block.

Edit the Assessment Block in the Library

  1. Unlock the library. Select Diagram > Unlock Library.
  2. Add a fifth assertion to the Test Sequence block: assert(gear < 5);
  3. Save and close the library. Closing locks the library.