Systems Engineering – Design and Analyze System and Software Architectures

Date Time
28 Oct 2020
5:00 AM EDT


How can we perform systems engineering tasks while ensuring that the key derived requirements filter down to the implementation? How do we analyze system property values to assess whether a system architecture meets its constraints or which architecture is the best? And how do we tackle complexity inherent in systems to avoid losing overview?

Performing large-scale system design and upgrades is a task of ever-increasing complexity. Traceability and synchronization across all design levels is key to streamlining large-scale development programs.

This webinar demonstrates how to bridge the gap between systems engineering and implementation, using architectures, interface definitions, requirements allocation, and stereotypes with properties to describe the architectures characteristics on each hierarchy level – the latter being the basis for system analysis to evaluate non-functional system level properties such as overall development effort, costs, safety levels, mass, power consumption, etc. Also, the is use of custom live views of the model to study specific design or analysis concerns is shown.

Learn how to use Systems Engineering in Model-Based Design to find and define an optimal system architecture which allows to continue designing components in Simulink and perform system simulation.


  • Designing system architectures including Interfaces and Stereotypes with Properties
  • Conducting trade studies for evaluating different architectures
  • Creating views to focus on specific concerns of a system
  • Using Simulink models as architectural components

About the Presenter

Marc Segelken is with MathWorks since 2008 and works as an application engineer in the area of verification and validation of safety related embedded systems and systems engineering. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Oldenburg in the aera of formal verification of embedded systems.

Product Focus

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