Static Analysis for Security and DevOps with Polyspace

Date Time
1 Oct 2020
6:00 AM EDT


This webinar will demonstrate how sophisticated static code analysis can be used along the development process and DevOps adoption. This helps developers avoid bugs before submitting code and establish a Quality Gate with automatic code analysis inside of Continuous Integration workflows.

Utilizing formal methods (with sound implementation) which consider all potential inputs, controls, and data flows without code execution, organizations will gain confidence that the software they rely on is safe and secure. This gives you more than an early error detection tool, it reduces testing and verification costs, and makes code quality transparent across the entire team.


  • Under the hood: How does Polyspace analysis work?
  • Integrating static code analysis into CI and DevOps workflows
  • Team wide collaboration workflow
  • How to track and achieve quality in different development stages
  • How to comply with safety and security standards or guidelines like ISO 26262, MISRA, SEI CERT-C etc.

About the Presenter

Christian Guss is team lead of the application engineering team for Polyspace and responsible for the application of Polyspace as a static code analysis tool for customers from different industries across Europe.

Product Focus

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