Coding standard compliance - faster and more efficient with Polyspace

Date Time
29 Oct 2020
7:00 AM EDT


In this webinar, we will use examples from MISRA-C:2012 and CERT-C to show techniques and methods how you can efficiently ensure MISRA-compliant code with the static analysis tool Polyspace Bug Finder.

In addition, we will explain difficulties and limitations in the implementation of certain coding guidelines, and how you can master them by choosing the appropriate analysis method.

This webinar is suitable for anyone involved in developing, testing and ensuring the quality and security of embedded software. This includes software and system developers, quality managers, software safety managers, security managers, integrators, verification and test engineers, software architects and process owners. Team and project managers are also invited to participate. Previous knowledge of MathWorks tools is not required. Knowledge of C/C++ and familiarity with MISRA is helpful, but not mandatory.


  • Introduction to MISRA-C:2012 and CERT-C
  • Requirements on static code analysis tools
  • How can formal analysis methods help?
  • Left-shift: when doing what?
  • How can you become faster and more efficient?

About the Presenter

Arnaud Btabeko is an Application Engineer at MathWorks specialised in certification workflows and verification and validation solutions for hand written Code as well as for Autogenerated code from Simulink. Prior to MathWorks he worked in the Automotive industry, involved with Battery management systems design and verification. Furthermore, he worked as Research Engineer at Siemens, involved in the Simulation and Codesign for mechatronics Systems. He now supports MathWorks customers from a range of industries including Aerospace, Automotive and medical in applying Model Based Design solutions for code Generation and Verification workflows to achieve certification with the relevant industry authorities.

Product Focus

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