MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Software Development Practices with MATLAB


Researchers often use MATLAB to solve scientific and engineering problems. As the size and complexity of research projects grow, it becomes harder to maintain, share, and reuse your code. MATLAB provides capabilities to support collaborative software development practices and increase the scientific impact of your research projects.

In this hands-on online workshop, you will learn how to

  • Organize and manage your projects so everyone can easily continue development where you left off.
  • Use techniques to improve performance and reduce your memory requirements.
  • Write better, robust, and portable code.
  • Test and maintain your code.
  • Share your code with others so they can collaborate with you or build on your work.
  • Reuse code written in another programming language.

You will have access to MATLAB for the workshop. We recommend taking a free, two-hour interactive online introduction to MATLAB before the workshop if you don’t have basic knowledge of MATLAB.

About the Presenter

Dr. Mihaela Jarema is part of the Academia Group at MathWorks in Munich/Germany. She partners with research institutes in Germany to accelerate their discovery and learning. Mihaela holds a PhD degree in computer science from Technische Universität München. During her PhD, she has used MATLAB to model ensemble data, evaluate, and visualize the associated variability.


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