MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Munich-MATLAB-Mondays 2023


As a scientist you wear many hats! Among many other things you often must be a bit of a software developer to tackle the analytical problems that come up during your projects.

In the first course of the Munich-MATLAB-Mondays workshop series called “Introduction to Research Software Development with MATLAB” we will present concepts and tools for your future contribution to collaborative development of research software. Using examples from bio- and neuroscience we will give you a hands-on introduction to good development practices, writing clean code and using source-code control with MATLAB. This workshop will give you a running start when it comes to writing maintainable research software!

In the second course of the workshop series called “Biomedical Image Processing and AI workflows”, you will learn how to develop AI applications focused on biomedical imaging datasets. We will cover the entire AI pipeline all the way from image exploration, image labeling to development of predictive models on images using both machine learning and deep learning approaches. This course will open the door to the world of AI for your research project!


  • Best practices for collaborative research software development
  • Hands-on exercises on data analysis: from low-code tools to writing clean code
  • State-of-the-art Image Processing workflows with MATLAB
  • Explore techniques for developing machine and deep learning models
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13 Mar 2023

Munich-MATLAB-Mondays: Introduction to Research Software Development with MATLAB

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20 Mar 2023

Munich-MATLAB-Mondays: Biomedical Image Processing and AI workflows

Kathi Kugler, MathWorks
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