MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Introduction to Research Software Development with MATLAB


In the first course of the Munich-MATLAB-Mondays workshop series called “Introduction to Research Software Development with MATLAB” we will present concepts and tools for your future contribution to collaborative development of research software. Using examples from bio- and neuroscience we will give you a hands-on introduction to good development practices, writing clean code and using source-code control with MATLAB. This workshop will give you a running start when it comes to writing maintainable research software!


  • Best practices for collaborative research software development
  • Hands-on exercises on data analysis: from low-code tools to writing clean code 

Who Should Attend

This introductory is course is designed for researchers and early career scientists in the bio-, neuro- and medical fields with beginner to intermediate programming experience

About the Presenter

Dr. Thomas Künzel is a Customer Success Engineer in The MathWorks Academia group. He studied biology and specialized in zoology and animal physiology. He worked as a university lecturer and academic researcher in Aachen and Rotterdam before joining The MathWorks.

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