MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Getting Started with Deep Learning with MATLAB


Scientists and engineers use AI techniques on large amounts of data in various formats, and across different domains and industries.


In this hands-on workshop we will

  • explore examples of how engineers and scientists use MATLAB for building AI-driven systems
  • gain an understanding of fundamentals of neural networks
  • train deep neural networks on GPUs in the cloud
  • explore pretrained models and use transfer learning with images
  • create models from scratch for sequence data.

About the Presenter

Dr Julia Hoerner is the EMEA Deep Learning Academic Liaison Manager at MathWorks in Cambridge/UK. She supports academics at European universities in implementing Deep Learning into the curriculum and provides general support in projects and research related to AI and in particularly, Deep Learning. Julia holds a PhD degree in renewable energy and worked as a researcher at multiple universities in UK on applying AI to energy forecasts.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Kerber is in the Academia Group at MathWorks in Munich/Germany. He partners with Universities in eastern Germany to accelerate their discovery and learning. Stefan holds a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Munich. During his career he has used MATLAB in various ways to setup experiments on sound reproduction and study human hearing for normal and hearing-impaired listeners.

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