MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Deep Learning with MATLAB – Hands-on Workshop


Deep learning is quickly becoming embedded in everyday applications. It’s becoming essential for students and educators to adopt this technology to solve complex real-world problems. MATLAB and Simulink provide a flexible and powerful platform to develop and automate data analysis, deep learning, AI, and simulation workflows in a wide range of domains and industries

In this hands-on workshop, Ramnarayan Krishnamurthy (Ph.D.) and Kathi Kugler (Ph.D.) will introduce workflows for which you will write code in MATLAB Online to:

  1. Train deep neural networks on GPUs in the cloud
  2. Create deep learning models from scratch for image and signal data
  3. Explore pre-trained models and use transfer learning
  4. Learn how you can deploy your code to embedded targets
  5. Discuss how you can interface with Python frameworks

No installation of MATLAB is necessary.


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