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MATLAB 5.x, SIMULINK 2.x: poradnik uzytkownika 2097

MATLAB 5.x, SIMULINK 2.x: poradnik uzytkownika

Written in Polish, this book provides an introduction to MATLAB 5.2 and Simulink 2.2. Some of the MATLAB features covered include multidimensional arrays, cell arrays, structures, objects, debugging, profiling, graphics, Handle Graphics, GUIDE, MEX-files, Windows *.dll files, the MATLAB Compiler, the MATLAB engine, and ActiveX Automation and Dynamic Data Exchange. Simulink topics covered include S-functions, creating new model libraries, and the Simulink debugger. In addition, numerous other MathWorks products are described such as Stateflow; SimPowerSystems; the DSP and Fixed-Point Blocksets; and the Control System, System Identification, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Signal Processing, Optimization, and Partial Differential Equations Toolboxes. A description of fast prototyping and more than 40 applications are provided in areas such as rail, aviation, robotics, heat transfer, and music.

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Über dieses Buch

Bogumila Mrozek, Cracow University of Technology
Zbigniew Mrozek, Cracow University of Technology

Wydawnictwo PLJ, 1998

ISBN: 83-7101-376-0
Language: Polish