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Using Design Abstraction

Free Mixed-Signal Library

Design ADCs, PLLs, digital pre-distortion, SERDES and other mixed-signal systems using behavioral and circuit modeling.

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Engineers iterate on design alternatives to look for the best solution, but these rapid change-and-evaluate cycles are time consuming when simulated in low-level SPICE models. Engineers need both design abstractions for fast behavioral modeling and SPICE models for accuracy. Simulink provides design abstractions for speed and enables a workflow that combines behavioral and circuit models.

Perform Rapid Feedback-Loop Simulation

High-level libraries and solvers in Simulink provide the design abstractions needed for rapid simulation. Simulink libraries enable rapid construction and modification of mixed-signal systems. Built-in solvers are designed and proven to simulate feedback loops efficiently and accurately, resulting in faster simulation times for common mixed-signal components such as PLLs.

Simulate Circuit Models Faster

SimPowerSystems adds behavioral circuit simulation capabilities to Simulink and lets you model RLC elements, op-amps, and switches. Electronic circuit models created with SimPowerSystems simulate faster than lower-level SPICE models.

The ability to combine both design abstractions and circuit-level elements in the same Simulink model enables you to reuse behavioral models as test harnesses for SPICE models or for prototype devices.