Key Features


  • Command-line access to MATLAB
  • Access to MATLAB workspace
  • Ability to view MATLAB figures on an iOS or Android device
  • Record of commands typed on the mobile device in your command history
  • Custom keyboards to enter typical MATLAB syntax
  • Autocomplete text typed in the command window
  • MathWorks Cloud connectivity and storage
  • Windows®, Mac, and Linux® connectivity


MATLAB Mobile does not support:

  • MATLAB apps such as Curve Fitting or Signal Analysis
  • Creating graphical interfaces using GUIDE
  • MATLAB Editor
  • Simulink graphical environment, but the sim command is supported at the MATLAB Mobile command line
  • Interaction with 3-D figures

Connecting to the Cloud

Connecting to MathWorks Cloud provides access to a MATLAB session wherever you have Internet access from your mobile device. You can perform simple calculations and prototyping, or run uploaded files.

You are provided 500 MB of cloud storage for your MATLAB files and data. The figures you create and the variables in your workspace persist across sessions, so you can resume work when you next log in.

Getting Started

To connect to MathWorks Cloud from MATLAB Mobile, follow these steps.

  1. Verify that you have a MathWorks Account.
  2. Verify that you have a valid license associated with your account.
    • Go to License Center and check that your account is associated with a license.
    • If you do not have an associated license, click the Add License button and follow the directions.

      Note: To access the cloud, the license must be current on MathWorks Software Maintenance Service. You can verify the end date on the License Details tab of License Center. If maintenance has expired, contact sales.

  3. On your mobile device, start MATLAB Mobile and tap Connect to MathWorks Cloud.
    • Enter your MathWorks Account email address and password.
    • Create a User ID following on-screen instructions.
  4. Once you create your User ID, you can access cloud storage on MathWorks Cloud.

    To manage your files, go to the cloud storage page from your desktop.

    Note: Uploads from mobile devices are not supported.

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Connecting to Your Computer

If you have MATLAB installed on your work or home computer, MATLAB Mobile provides remote access to your scripts, files, data, and add-on products. The figures you created on your desktop will also be available on your iOS or Android device.

Connecting to a MATLAB session on your computer requires that you have the MATLAB Connector™ running on that session. Additionally, your mobile device requires network access to the computer you are connecting it to. Connectivity is platform agnostic, so you can connect to a MATLAB session running on your Windows®, Mac, or Linux® machine.

Getting Started

To connect to your computer from MATLAB Mobile, follow these steps.

  1. Download and install MATLAB Connector on your computer.

    Using R2013a or later?

    • Go directly to step 2.

    Using R2012a or R2012b?

    • Extract the contents of the zip file.
    • Start MATLAB.
    • In MATLAB, navigate to the folder that contains the downloaded files.
    • Run >> install_connector
  2. Start the connector on your computer.

    • In MATLAB, run >> connector on.
    • When prompted, enter a password that contains at least five characters (letters or numbers only). MATLAB stores your connector password for future sessions.
  3. Set up the connection on your mobile device.

    • Tap Settings.
    • Type either the DNS name or IP address of your computer.
    • Type the password that you specified for the connector.
    • Tap Connect.

These directions are also in the app’s Getting Started guide.

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Acquiring Data from Sensors

In conjunction with the MATLAB Support Package for Android Sensors, MATLAB Mobile can acquire data from built-in sensors on your Android device. These include motion sensors like the accelerometer and position sensors like the GPS. Measurements such as acceleration, magnetic field, latitude, longitude, and altitude can be viewed on your Android smartphone and tablet.

Data acquired from these sensors can be sent to a MATLAB session running on your computer, for further analysis and visualization. You can acquire the following sensor data from MATLAB Mobile:

  • Acceleration on 3-axes
  • Angular Velocity on 3-axes
  • Magnetic Field on 3-axes
  • Orientation (Azimuth, Pitch and Roll)
  • Position (Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Horizontal Accuracy, Speed and Course)

Learn more about Android sensor support from MATLAB.

Getting Started

On your computer

  1. Install MATLAB Support Package for Android Sensors.

    • To get started immediately from your desktop computer, download the MATLAB Support Package for Android Sensors and open the installer file.
    • Alternatively, from MATLAB, choose Add-ons from the Toolstrip, and then choose Get Hardware Support Packages. This will open the Support Package Installer.
    • Choose Android Sensors from the list and follow the instructions.
  2. Connect to your computer from MATLAB Mobile.

    • Use the MATLAB Connector to connect MATLAB Mobile to the MATLAB session on your computer.
    • For instructions, refer to the getting started guide.
  3. Create a mobiledev object.

    • Create a mobiledev object to receive sensor data from MATLAB Mobile
      >> obj = mobiledev

In MATLAB Mobile

  1. Turn on sensors and send data.

    • Select the Sensors option from the action bar.
    • Tap the icon of the sensor you want to turn on.
    • Tap “Start Sending” to send data to MATLAB.

Note: Data acquisition from sensors using MATLAB Mobile is only supported on Android devices. Additionally, this feature is unsupported when connecting to MathWorks Cloud.