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Orientation of ellipsoid

Asked by Sakshi
on 13 Jun 2011

Hello, I am using ellipsoid function to represent an ellipsoid graphically. The input list requires me to enter the coordinates of the centre of ellipsoid and its semi-axes. There is no input for the orientation of the axis of the ellipsoid with respect to the coordinate system. Is there any way, this can be incorporated if my ellipsoids are at angle with respect to x, y and z axis.



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Answer by Matt Fig
on 13 Jun 2011
 Accepted answer

See the help for the ROTATE function.

For example:

[x, y, z] = ellipsoid(0,0,0,5.9,3.25,3.25,30);
S = surfl(x, y, z);
colormap copper
axis equal
pause %  Push return to see the rotation take place.
rotate(S,[0 0 1],45)


Matt Fig
on 15 Jun 2011

Of course they change.

>> plot_ellipse
>> Z = get(S,'zdata'); % Get the zdata before rotation.
>> rotate(S,[1 1 1],45);
>> Z2 = get(S,'zdata'); % Get the zdata after rotation.
>> isequal(Z,Z2)

ans =


Now you can do the same thing with xdata and ydata.

Matt Fig
on 15 Jun 2011

If I have answered your original question, please close this question out by accepting the answer (click the appropriate button). Thanks.

on 15 Jun 2011

Thank you for your time and patience.

You can generate an ellipsoid with the ellipsoid function and while plotting you can use the rotate() suggest by Matt.It should help you.


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