Collection of segments used to generate time-based data




systest.signals.Signal('segment_type') creates a signal with a segment of type segment_type.

The following properties can be used on the systest.signals.Signal function:

  • DataType – The class of time-based data that will be generated.

  • Duration – The ending point of the Time vector.

  • ExtrapolationMode – Used to determine Data values after the endpoint of the last Segmentl.

  • Segments – An array of Segment objects inside this Signal.

  • Time – The Time vector of the Signal.

  • Data – The Data vector of the Signal.

The following static functions can be used with the systest.signals.Signal function:

  • getAvailableExtrapolationModes – Returns a list of valid values for ExtrapolationMode property.

  • getAvailableDataTypes – Returns a list of valid values for DataType property.


Create a signal with a Step segment followed by a Pulse.

systest.signals.Signal('Step', 'Pulse')

Create a signal with custom user data.

time = [0:.1:10]';
data = rand(length(time), 1);
systest.signals.Signal('Custom', {'Time', time, 'Data', data'}))
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