Load systest.TestCase objects from SystemTest TEST-file


testcases = stLoadTestCases(testFile)


testcases = stLoadTestCases(testFile) returns the systest.TestCase object saved in testfile. It returns the list of test cases in the test file.testfile must be a SystemTest TEST-file (.test) available on the MATLAB® path or specified with a full path.

The function will return empty if the test does not contain a Test Case Data test vector containing at least one test case. The function will error if called when the testfile is open in the SystemTest™ desktop.


Name your test file and model; create a test to that name using that model; load the test cases.

testFile = 'f14.test';
modelName = 'f14';

systest.createHarness(testFile, modelName);
testCases = stLoadTestCases(testFile)
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