Signal Measurement

Peak-to-peak and RMS amplitude, rise time/fall time, overshoot/undershoot, duty cycle


midcross Mid-reference level crossing for bilevel waveform
pulseperiod Period of bilevel pulse
pulsesep Separation between bilevel waveform pulses
pulsewidth Bilevel waveform pulse width
settlingtime Settling time for bilevel waveform
statelevels State-level estimation for bilevel waveform with histogram method
falltime Fall time of negative-going bilevel waveform transitions
risetime Rise time of positive-going bilevel waveform transitions
slewrate Slew rate of bilevel waveform
overshoot Overshoot metrics of bilevel waveform transitions
undershoot Undershoot metrics of bilevel waveform transitions
dutycycle Duty cycle of pulse waveform
findpeaks Find local maxima
peak2peak Maximum-to-minimum difference
peak2rms Peak-magnitude-to-RMS ratio
rms Root-mean-square level
rssq Root-sum-of-squares level
bandpower Band power
enbw Equivalent noise bandwidth
sfdr Spurious free dynamic range
sinad Signal to noise and distortion ratio
snr Signal-to-noise ratio
thd Total harmonic distortion
toi Third-order intercept point
marcumq Generalized Marcum Q function
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