Simulink Workspace Variable Loop

Reports on Simulink workspace variable objects


This component displays all variables in the Simulink® workspace (base workspace and model workspaces). You can limit the variables displayed to those variables that match property name and property value pairs that you specify.

Loop Options

  • Sort

    • Alphabetically by text: Sorts variables alphabetically by name.

    • By data type: Sorts variables alphabetically by data type.

  • Search for Simulink property name/property value pairs: Reports on variables with specified property name/property value pairs.

Section Options

  • Create section for each object in loop: Creates a separate section in the output for each variable.

    • If you specify to create a section for each variable, you can select the Display the object type in the section title to insert a variable name in each section title.

  • Create link anchor for each object in loop: Specifies a custom title.

Insert Anything into Report?

Yes, inserts sections if you select the Create section for each object in loop option



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