Ways to Import Spreadsheets

Import Data from Spreadsheets

You can import data from spreadsheet files into MATLAB® interactively, using the Import Tool, or programmatically, using an import function.

This table compares the primary import options for spreadsheet files.

Import Option


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Import Tool

Import a worksheet or range to column vectors, a matrix, a cell array, or a table. You can generate code to repeat the operation on multiple similar files.

Select Spreadsheet Data Using Import Tool


Import a worksheet or range to a table.

Import a Worksheet or Range


Import a worksheet or range to numeric and cell arrays.


Import one or more worksheets in a file to a structure array.

Import All Worksheets from a File

Some import options require that your system includes Excel® for Windows®. For more information, see System Requirements for Importing Spreadsheets.

Paste Data from Clipboard

Paste data from the clipboard into MATLAB using one of the following methods:

  • On the Workspace browser title bar, click , and then select Paste.

  • Open an existing variable in the Variables editor, right-click, and then select Paste Excel Data.

  • Call uiimport -pastespecial.

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