Accessing the Preconfigured Blocks

Using the gaugeslib Command

  1. Enter the gaugeslib command in the MATLAB® Command Window. The following window opens.

  2. Double-click the Global Majic ActiveX® Library icon to access the libraries it contains.

  3. Double-click an icon to access the blocks in the library that the icon represents. If all the blocks say ActiveX and do not look like graphical displays, then follow the instructions in Troubleshooting the Installation. Each library also includes a question-mark block that provides access to online help for the controls in that library.

Gauges Blockset™ software is extensible. A general-purpose block is provided in which you can place your custom-built controls.

Using the Simulink Library Browser

As an alternative to the gaugeslib command, you can use the Simulink® Library Browser to access the preconfigured blocks. For details, see Use the Library Browser in the Simulink documentation.

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