Parallel for-Loops (parfor)

Run loop iterations in parallel on a parallel pool using the parfor language construct


parfor Execute loop iterations in parallel
parpool Create parallel pool on cluster
delete (Pool) Shut down parallel pool
gcp Get current parallel pool
addAttachedFiles Attach files or folders to parallel pool
updateAttachedFiles Update attached files or folders on parallel pool
listAutoAttachedFiles List of files automatically attached to job, task, or parallel pool
parfeval Execute function asynchronously on parallel pool worker
parfevalOnAll Execute function asynchronously on all workers in parallel pool
fetchOutputs (FevalFuture) Retrieve all output arguments from Future
fetchNext Retrieve next available unread FevalFuture outputs
cancel (FevalFuture) Cancel queued or running future
isequal (FevalFuture) True if futures have same ID
wait (FevalFuture) Wait for futures to complete


parallel.Pool Access parallel pool
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