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Getting Started

Tutorials for Beginners

Take an interactive MATLAB or Simulink tutorial course designed for students. Each tutorial is organized into short, interactive video modules that get you started using MATLAB and Simulink. (Requires registration)

Videos and Examples on Specific Features and Applications

Watch short tutorial videos and explore MATLAB and Simulink code examples. They cover a variety of features and applications, ranging from basic concepts to advanced.

Installation Instructions

Get step-by-step instructions for installing and activating MATLAB Student software.

Product Documentation

The DVD contains complete documentation for all MathWorks products included in MATLAB Student. The MATLAB Help menu also provides help on all products, and you can type doc <function name> at the MATLAB command line for information about a specific function. Visit for online and PDF versions of user's guides, release notes, and other reference materials.

Technical Support

If you have difficulty installing the software, visit for troubleshooting and contact information.  Contact your instructor for problems that you cannot resolve using the product help or online support. Telephone and e-mail technical support is available to registered instructors who have adopted MATLAB Student in their courses.

Additional Resources

Für Studierende

Für jedes Gebiet gelten gesonderte Preise, siehe Webstore.


Connect to Target Hardware

Führen Sie Simulink-Modelle direkt auf Arduino, Raspberry Pi und LEGO MINDSTORMS robots aus

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Kommen Sie in die MakerZone

Schließen Sie sich der Maker-Community an, dem Forum für alle, die Arduino, Raspberry Pi und LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT mit MATLAB und Simulink programmieren.

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Cody: Das MATLAB-Programmierspiel.

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